Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Off shoulder Design

I wanted to try the elastic thread sewing technique, after some research, I found this off shoulder clothe design was my best choice.
I planned to sew the elastic thread at the shoulder, the sleeves and the waist parts, end up I decided to change the waist part to a tight knot patent.With the consult of my sewing lecturer Vivien, finally I get it done in 70% at you seen in the photos. The rest of the portion to be sew in some days , should be after Chinese new years due to I am too busy doing Christmas and Chinese New Year Events within these few months.
I found the most difficult to sew is the elastic thread portion. Haahaa! Finally I did it one, now have to continue to do it few more.


Driven said...

Wow! I like the drawings and the finished work.

SuNFLoWeR said...

i like this design.
the color of the fabric.
it sweet