Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Aerobics Leotards

Did this series aerobic leotards design in 1991. Aerobics workout was one of the hottest sports during 90s; Jane Fonda is the tycoon during that time, I remember many related great movies had launched like Break Dance, Flash Dance the most famous ones and etc.

I been joining the aerobics classes at YMCA Singapore, during that period, the famous instructress was Angeline Teo, her class was real tough but always full house!

Presently, in the “Yoga Age”, that was none of the people will wear such attire even aerobics workout still around except professional contemporary or ballet dancers; although Madonna ever wore it in her MTV somewhere around 2007 or 2006 if I am not wrong.

Did this in poster colorMarker drawing

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MaYa said...

hi¡¡ son muy chulos tus dibujos, estos me han gustado muchos son super retros¡¡¡